Whether foreigners from third countries come to the Czech Republic or other Schengen countries to visit their families, to work, to study or to stay there temporarily or to settle here permanently, they need commercial health insurance before they are entitled to public benefits. The insurance always includes an assistance service that helps solve specific situations, and that’s why Eurocross is here.

What we do

In the case of medical treatment or hospitalization of foreign nationals insured in the country, Eurocross coordinates health care with local doctors and provides information on health care providers in the Czech Republic and Schengen countries. If necessary, we provide patients with repatriation, including medical support on the way back to their homeland, or we organize the transport of remains.

Our added value for you and your customers

  • 24/7 Availabilityr
  • Communication in the most common languages ​​- Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, English
  • An extensive network of contracted medical facilities
  • Our own medical team