We help people in crisis situations when traveling abroad, on the roads and at home. This page provides information about what we do.

Our services

  • Medical and travel assistance

    Falling off a scooter in Thailand or ending up in hospital in South Africa with appendicitis or diarrhea in Egypt: things like this can happen to anyone when they are abroad. Each day we help tens of people who fall ill abroad or find themselves faced with another problem for which they require assistance. They... Read more »

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  • Assistance for Expats

    Whether foreigners from third countries come to the Czech Republic or other Schengen countries to visit their families, to work, to study or to stay there temporarily or to settle here permanently, they need commercial health insurance before they are entitled to public benefits. The insurance always includes an assistance service that helps solve specific... Read more »

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  • Vehicle assistance

    A tyre blowout on the motorway is not fun, but it’s even more infuriating when you’re on your way to an interview. Eurocross provides roadside assistance to customers in the Czech Republic and abroad. When it comes to the topic of breakdowns or car accidents, most people don’t think it will happen to them. And... Read more »

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  • Personal emergency alarms

    Living independently and feeling safe in the familiar environment that is your own home. To many people these things are exceedingly important, especially when they get older, have a disability or chronic illness. Eurocross Personal Emergency Alarms offers personal alarm systems which involve wearing a small pendant at all times. If assistance is required, then... Read more »

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