Our People

Eurocross stands on its people. Only the personal commitment of all is a guarantee of providing the best assistance.

Lukáš Zelníček - CEO

Time flies when you are doing something purposeful and something you enjoy. Since 2020 it is my privilege to work with a team of great people that are assisting clients all over the world with care, empathy and professionalism. Over this period of time I have watched ECCZ develop into a fully fledged assistance centre providing outstanding national and international assistance services.

Silvia Súlovská - Operations & HR Manager

I have been working in the field of “assistance services” for 21 years, of which 19 years in Eurocross.
When I left the competition at the time, I thought I didn’t want to work shifts anymore, I didn’t want that eternal phone call, a solution to the unsolvable, and the nerves at all.
Then I saw an old French movie “Operation Banzai” with a few shots of the assistance center. That’s when I realized how much I missed it all. Wonder of the world, in a few weeks my former colleague called me that they were looking for new employees… Today I no longer sit in the position of coordinator, however I still experience the tension in solving cases and the feeling that we helped the client confirms that my decision to return into the world of assistance services was right.

Petr David - Account Manager

I have never had a body structure to be a proper fireman and I do not like blood so I could not even become a doctor. On the other hand I have spoken foreign languages and I have had organizational skills…that is why I joined Eurocross in 2007. I assumed various roles in the company and currently I am in charge of communicating with our suppliers and customers and I am work on special projects that are pushing us further.

Silvie Cenevová - Head of finance

Milena Dlouhá - Team Leader of medical assistance

The heart of the traveler, when I landed in Prague in 2000 after several years spent abroad, Eurocross offered me a great opportunity to apply both my language skills and my experience of traveling around the world. Starting as a coordinator, thanks to my not always simple travel experience, I was able to better empathize with the problematic situations of our clients and make every effort to be able to help them. And in an incredible atmosphere, where every working day is different, each case we solve is unique. All this alongside wonderful colleagues, with whom we have a passion for traveling, learning about foreign cultures, the desire to do something sensual and help others. Today, as a team leader, I am glad that even after so many years, I can say that my work still fills me.

Petr Šíma - Team Leader of technical assistance

  1. The diversity of planned tasks, cooperation within our team and communication between departments, which need and support each other, are the main magnets for me, why I find meaning in my job. I work as a team leader of the technical department, I gained many years of experience as a coordinator of assistance services. I have been working in the company since 2016. Even everyday work and finding ways for various customer problems requires an individual approach, so we are constantly discovering new ways to solve them. And these are the challenges that appeal to and motivate me for the future. I also appreciate the almost family background of the company and the friendly relations at the workplace, which are ensured by a long-term permanent team. I would like everyone to experience something similar in their professional career.

Andrea Haraszti - Expat specialist / teamleader

When I decided to move from Budapest to Prague in September 2001, I had no idea what kind of job I would find as a Hungarian in a foreign country. It never occurred to me that I would be accepted to Eurocross at the beginning of 2003 precisely because of Hungarian, and that I would be working there for so long. I went through almost all departments of the company – I started working as a coordinator for medical assistance, then for technical assistance, then I led a technical team for a while and now I landed for assistance for foreigners, where I mainly take care of invoices and our contracted doctors. Thanks to the fact that I was able to try so many different roles in the company and work with so many people of different nationalities, the job always gave me a lot and I was always able to learn something new. And this is still true today.

Andrea Riedelová - coordinator of technical assistance

I joined Eurocross in February 2019 as a technical assistance coordinator. I am glad that I found this one in the clutter of job offers. I know I’m doing something that makes sense – helping people. At the same time, I have a lot of colleagues around me, with whom we have a great relationship outside the walls of our office. For the first time I can say about my work that I enjoy and like to go to it.

Gergana Ollikka - coordinator of medical assistance

I came to the Czech Republic from Bulgaria and in 2012 I landed at Eurocross Assistance. I found dynamism and cordiality that is lacking elsewhere, met interesting people and encountered many work challenges.
In addition to many real friendships, I find a refreshing dose of adrenaline here daily when encountering unusual situations and finding solutions to the real problems of people in trouble.
I work as a medical assistance coordinator and I appreciate the variety of tasks that every contact with a client offers. Here I have the opportunity to communicate with people around the world and gain experience with communication in different countries. I enjoy the possibility of improvisation, which is impossible in many workplaces today. In our work, on the contrary, it is a necessity.

Petra Hrdinová - coordinator of medical assistance

My career at Eurocross Assistance started while still at university and it was my most interesting summer job. After studying, I therefore decided to work here for full time and it has been 7 years. At Eurocross, I tried both the position of part-time worker and the position of medical and technical coordinator. Now these assistances are separated and the scope of my work is medical assistance. I like the variety of cases where you never know who will call with what problem and from which country and what you will solve on a given day. My colleagues are also one of my closest friends with whom I go for a beer, to the theater and I also go on holiday. I’m lucky that I’m looking forward to work and even though it’s sometimes very demanding and stressful, I still enjoy it and every day surprises me.